When I first came out I was so unfamiliar with the new me that I wasn't even able to write to myself in a journal.  I composed letters instead about what I was learning and discovering.  Here is the second letter I wrote:

So I’m on day 3 now, meaning it’s been days since I accepted myself.  Wanted to share some interesting changes that I’ve noticed:

1) I feel lighter and happy, pretty consistently.  Things that would normally get me down don’t.  I’m familiar with the euphoria of getting something new in your life (baby, job, wife, etc.) so I know this probably won’t last forever, but I sure am enjoying it while it does.

2) I feel like I can be myself--which I suppose means that I have never quite been myself.  For example, I can let myself be caring and sensitive without feeling guarded.  So what if someone thinks I’m a little softer than the average “man”!  They’re right.  It’s who I am and I like me that way.

3) I’ve stopped belittling myself when I see an attractive guy and think “he’s cute”.  Which makes me feel more capable because I’m not looking down on myself.  Never realized it but I guess it’s sort of a big deal when you look down on yourself all the time.

So, all those things put together result in:
4) I have found it a LOT easier to interact with people, both men and women.

So life lesson of the past three days:  If you accept yourself you won’t care so much if other people accept you.
Posted by Lucas Jones On 1/07/2013 09:47:00 PM 2 comments


  1. That's so true. It's a little scary accepting yourself, but it is so liberating at the same time. And there are some cute guys out there and it's no sin to notice! ;)

  2. Will, so happy to have been directed to your blog. We will be reading through the whole thing soon, but wanted to say that we are interested in your writing and your life, and hope to be blogging friends. Funny that we have similarities in our blog names. We had not heard the statement "I define me" used and had been planning on it being the title of our book for years. Lol - a recent google search showed us that it is quite a often used phrase, and we thought we were so clever! Hahahaha :) - anyway, we ALL are definitely onto something aren't we. :) - so happy to find your blog and looking forward to communication with you if you so desire.


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