Emotions are defined as a conscious mental reaction accompanied by physiological changes.  In my experience, this definition falls short.  I “feel” with my heart or with other parts of my body.  I think with my mind.  While I suppose it is possible that the experience is all nothing more than a series of synaptic responses to stimuli acquired by sensory organs and nerves, to me it is more than that.  It is the essence of being.  It moves me, drives me, urges me.  Emotions are reactions to experiences, whether external or originating from my thoughts.  But my thoughts are separate, their own entity.  But they are tied.  I wonder if one could function properly without the other?  Emotions moving, thoughts interpreting and directing.  Emotions are my motor, my thoughts are the control mechanisms.  When they function together, I am optimally tuned.  When I withdraw into my thoughts, intellectualizing, I leave emotion behind.  I leave behind purpose.  I become nothing more than a collection of facts with no one to care about them.  Conversely, when my mind checks out or when my emotional side bullies it away, I lose control.  I enter a state in which I am liable to do anything.  I lose the understanding of good and bad, right and wrong.  I move without direction.

What brings me from one state to another?  It is as if both are actors in a play, co-principals.  Who is the director?  It is my spirit, my truth, my existence.  Me.  It existed before my thoughts, before my emotions.  It is almost inseparable from them now.  It is the driver.  I am the driver.  I am in control, or can be, if I will have the courage to be.  The courage to feel sad, to feel angry, to feel fear.  To hurt.  To feel joy.  To love.
Posted by Lucas Jones On 3/28/2013 09:00:00 AM 3 comments


  1. I like that. It's like there are two portions to our conscious selves. Did you know that you almost perfectly described the differences in the typical roles of the hemispheres in the brain? The left hemisphere primarily deals with though, language, logic, facts, arithmetic, etc. The right hemisphere primarily deals with instinct, emotions, desires, etc. Music, sports, and a host of other activities require good use and coordination of both hemispheres. (This is why extracurricular activities are so valuable.) I love the idea that it is our spirits that are in the drivers seat. I know people who refuse to listen to the Spirit because it often communicates in emotions and they only trust words and facts, but they are ignoring half of their brain. They have learned to distrust the emotional half. The Spirit speaks to our spirit through both hemispheres, and we have to learn to listen.

    1. Thank you for that reminder about the brain. That helped connect some things for me. :)

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