Here is the highlight of Josh & Lolly's Voices of Hope Video. To me, they are AMAZING!

Josh & Lolly's Voices of Hope Highlight

Posted by Azalea Adamson On 2/19/2013 07:54:00 PM 5 comments


  1. Azalea & Will - Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of you and hope all is well.

    Yep, Josh & Lolly's Voices of Hope video was really great. I am so excited about this project, and appreciate the authenticity of how they are doing it, without someone 'grilling' questions, and just letting them talk (with very few cut aways - so we know it's not heavily edited)..

    anyway, have a great weekend you two. :)

  2. Azalea - you and your husband should not be allowed to volunteer at an LGBT center for youth. They need role models who don't feel that being in a gay relationship is against god's will. I imagine you didn't mention that to the coordinators when you started volunteering there.

    1. Actually they just need people who love and accept them for who they are. That we can do. I don't think we have to agree with each other 100% of the time, on all things, to love and help one another.

      I have friends who have all types of beliefs and I can love them for who they are. The coordinators do know that my husband is SSA, it's obvious that we are married and that we have a family and I am pretty sure our applications said we were LDS.

      They are happy to have the help.

    2. Azalea, I honor you and Will for your community service, and for the love, acceptance, and support you show to the LGBT youth.

      I am certain that the LGBT Youth Center community consists of many unique and different individuals with all types of desires, beliefs, and ideas. It would be narrow minded and disrespectful for anyone to assume that ALL LGBT youth are alike,... or, that they ALL have the same ideas, concerns, problems, questions, etc.,... or, that ALL their needs will be met in the same way.

      I would imagine that the leaders of the LGBT Center for Youth are more open minded, more accepting of ALL individuals, and have more respect & understanding towards all lifestyles, ideas, opinions, and beliefs than the 'Anonymous' individual above.

      Anon presumes to know what type of role models the youth need, but through my experience and education in 'volunteering' I know that it is not necessary or wise to attempt to 'hand pick' volunteers for any organization, because you never know when two individuals will 'click' with each other, (in spite of there differences), and, the bottom line is exactly what you stated Azalea - they just need people who love them.

      Several years ago when I worked as a Volunteer Coordinator I was often very thrilled to see the pure unconditional love that some volunteers had for the individuals they served,(even those who were so very different than them), and I was sometimes surprised to see the special connections that developed between some unique and 'different' individuals.

      As for Anon's interest in the LGBT youth..... I wonder if she is truly concerned for ALL LGBT youth, because there could very well be some (or even one) individual there who would genuinely relate to you and Will and your beliefs - and ultimately find comfort and hope through an association with you two. The alternative path (or option) that your lives/marriage represents might save a suicidal LGBT youth's life. Hopefully anon would be happy for ANY LGBT youth's life to be saved, and for that individual to find their hope and peace as they define themself into what feels most authentic and complete for them.

  3. Thank you I Define Me for those thoughts.


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