Lucas and I got included on one of the amicus briefs for the Supreme Court case of Same-Sex Marriages. We have lots of feelings and emotions that came with finding that out. Most of all I think, is being grateful that we have each other. That though our marriage and relationship isn't perfect, I don't know any marriage that is, it is good. We are best friends, we love being together and doing things together and hate being apart for any extended period of time. We enjoy having a family together, even in its un-perfectness.

Though I am a hopeless romantic and the little girl in me thinks every boy, should have a girl and every girl should have a boy; a soul mate and then of course a family, I am always happy when someone finds happiness here on this earth. There is so mush unhappiness and sorrow in life. There are so many searching for happiness and love and even just friendship. There are far, far too many unhappy and even lonely people in the word. We need more happiness, more smiles, more joy. More just loving one another despite our differences. That doesn't mean that we all agree or all believe the same things. It just doesn't matter so much though. Life is precious. We don't know what tomorrow holds. 

Today we lost a family member.  Lucas's cousin had a teeny preemie that made it 42 days and today he didn't. My heart hurts today for his family. I feel very blessed that I was able to visit with his mom and peak a look at him last weekend. So teeny, but overall he had been doing so well.

No one on this earth is perfect. We all fall short in one way or another...and often in a lot of ways it feels like.  Life is short in so many ways though but also so long when we are unhappy. We all need more smiles, more laughter, more understanding with each other and ourselves, more friendship, more joy. 


Sorry, if this post is a little scattered. My brain is a little...or a lot scattered tonight.

*I don't know the source of that picture as our internet is filtered and for whatever reason, the site that it was Pinterest Pinned from, I can't get to. The picture just makes me smile and fills me with joy, and we need more joy. :) 

Posted by Azalea Adamson On 4/20/2015 10:18:00 PM 2 comments


  1. Just curious how you were included without your knowledge? Did you know what an amicus brief was before this? You are now directly involved in the fight against same sex marriage in the United States.

  2. Anything public, like our Voices of Hope, can be used on a brief, without our knowledge or consent. It is actually common for an expert not to agree with the brief but still be included to make the authors point. We became educated on amicus briefs through several lawyers that we know and a little internet research, after the fact. I was vaguely familiar with what a brief was before hand. The brief we were included on wasn't so much against same sex marriage as it was making the point that our marriage is a valid marriage as some of the other briefs basically said it wasn't and to say that same sex marriage shouldn't be decided by the Supreme Court but be left up to the states and a vote by the people. One statement on a brief of over 100 briefs doesn't really make us directly involved with the fight for or against. The likelihood that a Justice will even see the brief is unlikely. Most don't read the briefs unless something catches their attention. They have their legal people read all of them and just bring anything to their attention that their legal people think they would want to look at. Highly unlikely that the statements of mine or Lucas's would be of any interest or any real bearing.


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