My wife and I were discussing a comment a friend had received from a family member.  The family member was having difficulty reconciling with the fact the my friend is SSA.  My 11-year-old son was in the room.  I realized he was listening, even though he appeared to be intently reading, so while still talking to my wife, I adjusted my comments more to his frame of reference.  After a few minutes he chimed in and asked:

"Is she Christian?  I'd think a Christian would have an easier time understanding."

"That doesn't always make a difference," my wife replied.

"Sometimes people have a hard time accepting things they don't understand.  I know several people who think they will never be able to go to heaven because of the mistakes they have made," I added.  He looked flabbergasted.

"I guess it really comes down to how much you understand the Atonement," I continued, wondering how much I needed to explain.

"Yeah," he quickly replied.  "I mean, don't they understand that we can learn from the mistakes we make?  Like the song 'Throw the Roses'?"

"Explain," I asked, thinking I knew what he was referring to but really not sure what on earth he meant.

"You know, Dad, the song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  From the ashes of disaster, grow the roses of success!"

I think I confused him at this point because I burst out laughing.  I was at a loss to explain to him how amazing it was that he so clearly understood things that many adults never learn.

Guess I didn't need to explain much of anything.
Posted by Lucas Jones On 3/23/2013 11:50:00 PM 2 comments


  1. I find that when a story, poem, or song exemplifies true principles, it's easier to like it. Although, I haven't seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in years. I've sung a few songs from it in a choral concert, but even that was years ago. Maybe I'll have to watch it again sometime.

    More adults should look to children's media (books, movies, songs, etc.) for entertainment. There is more power and more truth in those stories than in typical media designed for adults.

  2. EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!


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